Saturday, September 5, 2009

Etsy Newbie Tutorial

Etsy can be a scary, intimidating envirmonment when you first start out. The best thing to do is just stick to the plan. You're here for a reason: to sell your handmade items! No one is going to stop you!

Profile and Shop Info
First things first, fill out all your information! People want to know who they are buying from. Choosing an avatar that catches the eye is very important! It brings in more views when you're in a chat. Make your shop your own personal brand. You're selling your style. Spice it up with a banner, and make sure you're prepared for sales! Have Address Labels and "Thank You" cards ready with your shop name. Can't afford these tools? Make your own, it's so easy!

The Lingo

Know your etsy vocabulary! The first time you go in a chat you're going to be confused! It's inevitable!

FS = Featured Seller: The FS chat room is where people take turns being the featured seller, usually 5 minutes per seller. The first person to buy from the featured seller becomes the next featured seller. If there happen to be no sales made then the current FS will choose the next one.

TY = Thank You

YW = You're Welcome

TYVM = Thank you very much!

YVW = You're very welcome!

Chat Rooms

If you scroll down to the bottom of the chat room there are instructions on how to make your avatar spin and other things, but there is more to it than shown. If you want to write someone's name without typing it all out then type the first few letters and push the right arrow! Surprise!

Posting other's items is a big part of chats. It is sometimes frowned upon if you list your own. To list an item just click on a shop, find something that strikes your fancy and click it, then scroll down till you find the item number, copy and paste it in the picture box on the chat.


Make good friends! Etsy is full of incredibly nice people who are always willing to listen and help! Never be afraid to ask questions, there is always someone willing and waiting to answer! Making friends expands the number of people looking at your shop!


Use natural lighting for your item pictures! The quality of your pictures is crucial to you views and sales! You are now a photographer!! Get used to using colorful backgrounds for items; the best background is scrapbook paper.
Never post something you wouldn't buy yourself. Your shop deserves the best. Try and post items everyday, it keeps you fresh on the searches which will get you a good flow of views.


USE ALL 14 OF YOUR TAGS WHEN POSTING AN ITEM! Doing this puts you in more searches which means more people are viewing your items. Running out of adjectives? Make sure you're using colors, shapes, and materials.


Start a Facebook for your shop! This is the best way to seriously spread the word. Invite your friends to invite their friends, it's never ending!


Got something to say? Start a blog! It is a great way for your customers to get to know you, and it brings attention to your shop. You can run features and contests to lure people in, and then they spread the word.

I hope this has been useful to Etsy newcomers, and maybe even a little inciteful for those not so new to the online business communtiy. Post your feedback if you have anything to ask or add! Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for the abbreviation translations.
    p.s. luv your avatar !

  2. Some very good advice. I have been selling for about a year and I have only recently started to us tags creatively. Thanks

  3. Thank you so much for sharing wisdom... so nice the people who are more experienced around these etsy parts give back to the newcomers! Thank you!

  4. Good advice :) I didn't know about that arrow trick in the chat rooms and i've been on etsy for almost 2 years!

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  6. As an Etsy newbie I am thrilled for this advice - Thank you so much!!!

    Here's my new blog....


  7. I linked to this blog entry on my blog, I don't know if I did it the right way, but it seems to work. I am a newbie in the blog world too.