Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paint it, plant it!

A great crafting idea for parents to do with children of any age or just anyone with a green thumb is painting flower pots!

What you'll need!

Flower Pot(s)
Acrylic Paint(s)
Paint Brushes/Sponges
Stencils (if desired)
Flower or Veggie Seeds
Planting Shovel
Watering Can

My daughter, Elizabeth, and I started off by painting our pots. I painted mine white and made polka dots by tracing a toilet paper roll, and I helped Elizabeth paint hers two different colors, finished off by writting, "Elizabeth's Flower Garden". We also made one for her two grandmothers in hopes they'll bloom in time for Mother's Day. Then we took them outside and planted our flowers! I matched flower seeds with the color of paint so when they bloom the flowers will match the pots. I hope you take our idea and make it your own. It would be fun to plant a variety of fruits and veggies as well! Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Shopping for a good cause!

To celebrate Earth Day and our beautiful planet, I will donate all my sale profit from all 3 of my shops today to the charity
So go find something you like! Shop for a cause!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Currently Taking Applications for an Etsy Shop to Review!

If you are interested in having your shop reviewed, then please write to me at

Tell me about you and your shop, and please include your shop link. If you are chosen, I will E-mail you with interview questions.

Good luck to all, and don't forget to enter the crafters contest for a chance to win a free gift basket from one of my 3 shops!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homemade Business Cards

I came up with a great and inexpensive advertising idea for my Etsy shops... homemade business cards! I started out with colorful index cards, an index card holder, markers/pens/ or even printer sticker labels, and scrapbook stickers. I color-cordinated cards and stickers, and then I wrote my shops and blog on the index cards. Cheap, simple, and colorful. You can mix it up and get as creative and technical as you want. Have fun!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Joys of Sidewalk Chalk!

I decided to spend the evening outside with my boyfriend and daughter, and a box of sidewalk chalk. I ended up enjoying myself very much. Chalk is a great medium, it blends very well! I let my little girl, Elizabeth, choose the picture, and then I threw myself into a 45 minute chalk session. The results: three characters from "Yo Gabba Gabba", one of Elizabeth's favorite shows. This was a fun night! I highly recommend a famliy fun night of chalk drawing. It's fun, creative, and inexpensive! Plus, the whole neighborhood gets to admire my hard work! If you take my suggestion, I would love to hear about your very own adventures with chalk... pictures would be wonderful!